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About Us

CashMacs was created and launched from Gabriel’s basement in 2010 when a slowing job market motivated his entrepreneurial spirit. Gabriel noticed the demand for a service that would let individuals upgrade their used electronics at a lower cost to a newer technology in a hassle free process.

At a time where new and better products are introduced on a daily basis and most people are upgrading their cellphones and computer every two years, a solution was found.

CashMacs has been growing into a 5,000 sq. ft. site in the Burbank area since its creation.

CashMacs has been creating and growing its notoriety by showing exceptional customer service and providing the best payout rate for used Apple products. CashMacs has paid over 7 Million Dollars to this date and helped over 10 thousands of its customers regain values from their used devices.

Why Choose CashMacs?

CashMacs is the most appearing Google search site for selling Apple products, holds a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Accreditation, and is an Ebay Top Rated Plus Seller.
We, at CashMacs, also use and support electronic waste services.

CashMacs has been featured in several publications such as MacLife Magazine, iPhone Life and MacWorld Magazine. CashMacs has also been seen in NBC and ABC spotlight for being a great place to sell used apple products. We offer nothing but the best customer service and do anything we can to make easy for your customer to get their hands on the latest technologies from Apple.


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