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Tech Support

Welcome to CashMacs Tech Support

CashMacs Tech support has been created to make your user experience as seamless as possible. We strongly believe you should not need to leave your house to go somewhere to get your computer looked at. If you don’t have a working internet connection then a onsite visit can be arranged to troubleshoot the problem.

In most cases, we can fix your Macbook or other Apple computers via our remote support tools. You privacy is respected, personal data is not accessed without explicit permission from you and only you. The best part is that you can watch every click while we fix the issues as fast and effectively as we can.

Our easy process for getting support is designed to save your valuable time and getting your issues resolved quickly. You will be connected with a single click to a certified tech and we will dig in to see what’s wrong on your Apple computer.

Common issues our customers have:

1. Malware or spyware, viruses and pop-ups

Our approach includes a secure remote session to your computer ( You will provide our tech support with access via a “One-Time Use” access code that is only valid for a single use only remote session) We use showmypc.com its always encrypted and secured with 256 Bit encryption, next a scan of all the files on your drive will be completed using out hand-picked tested tools.

2. Computer starts slowly or performs below standards of normal operation. Examples include: Freezing, beach ball symbol keeps spinning, overheating.

Our approach will include running a hardware diagnostics test, checking for hard drive and memory related issues. Specialized hardware testing software will be used to stress the computer in video performance tests.
Once passed we will look into software related issues to establish if the software is causing slowness and poor performance.

3. Macbook is not booting up, or battery won’t take a charge

Our approach includes some basic SMC and PRAM reset tests to ensure it’s not software related. This process resets all power setting and Logicboard related settings, once this is done we will conclude whether an onsite visit is needed to replace a certain component. Examples: New Hard Drive or Battery Replacement.


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